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How Does An ATM Transaction Work?

Customer Inserts ATM/Debit Card, Enters Pin and Selects Requested Amount
Information Is Sent To The Processor
The Processor Sends The Information To The Customer’s Financial Institution For Verification
The Financial Institution Verifies If the Information Is Correct
The Processor Sends An Approval or Decline To The ATM
If Approved, the ATM Dispenses Requested Amount

What are the benefits for having an ATM at your locations?

Increase Profits with Transaction Revenues
Increase Cash in Customers Hands
Increase Sales
Increase Average Purchase
Increase Customer Traffic
Increase Convenience and Flexibility for Customers
Enhance Customer Loyalty
Decrease Bad Checks
Decrease Expense of Credit Cards Processing Fees

Why Choose 1st National ATM? 

We provide a parts and labor service and warranty package at no cost to our merchants.
We provide a complete online real time reporting system to help our merchants manage their ATM transactions effectively
We provide State-of-the-Art ATM Equipment.
We provide direct technical & marketing support.
1st National ATM is a registered ISO with Columbus Data Services.
We are an authorized distributor for Tranax, Hyosung and Triton ATMs.
We are an authorized and certified service provider for Tranax and Hyosung ATMs.
We are a member of Oregon Fairs Association, Washington Fairs Association, Arizona Fairs Association, and the Missouri Fairs AssociationType your paragraph here.